Car Transport

Car TransportWhen it comes to moving interstate, many people are confronted with the fact that they have and extra car or two they need to transport and don't want to have to travel back and forth accross the country to pick them up. Our car transport service is an affordable solution to the problem.

Our car transport service covers most regions in Australia and can be booked in alongside your furniture removal. There's no need to deal with seperate companies as we can look after it all for you.

Frequently asked questions about our Car Transport Service:

Q. What sort of coverage does my car get against damage during transport?
A. The quoted price includes FULL COMPREHENSIVE COVER.

Q. Can I pack the car full of personal items?
A. You ARE NOT permitted to leave ANY personal items inside your vehcile during transport.

Q. Does the car have to be in driveable condition in order to transport it?
A. Yes. The car will need to be driven onto the back of the truck and be in good enough condition to be transported under its own power if the need arises.

Q. Does the car go on a truck or on a car carrier and does it carry more than one car?
A. Cars are transported on specialist automotive carriers equipt to move several vehicles at a time.

Q. How much notice do I need to give for you to pick up my car?
A. Generally only a couple of days. If there was going to be an issue we would contact you to make alternative arrangements for its transport.

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